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February 2019 Calendar Vector Printable

said Maric, pointing out that the effect of payments under the protested guarantees is estimated at a minimum of 2, 5 billion kuna by the end of the year. Prime Minister Plenkovic saidĀ February 2019 Calendar Vector that the reallocation within the health care sector would receive about 400 million kunas, more money will be received by the Ministry of the Interior, due to migration, part is going for demographic regeneration policies, approximately 230 million kuna for indexation of pensions,

February 2019 Calendar Vector

for culture, construction, science, judiciary and regional development. “It seems to me that with this rebalance we have achieved what was right and what was beneficial at this moment,” he added, adding that according to the ESA methodology, the budget deficit this year will amount to two billion kuna or 0.5 percent of GDP,

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how much the Government has estimated. The initiated tax reform is still insufficient to raise the competitiveness of the IT sector and to retain the highest quality people in the sector in the country. Reducing income taxes partially wiped out the salaries of key experts, an important step for the IT industry, as well as for other wounds and companies in which great added value is created thanks to the innovativeness and new knowledge that this industry produces.

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The news is from a press conference held on Thursday in the HUP on wages in the IT industry. President of HUP – Information and Communication Association Boris Drilo said that the ICT industry of the future that has a chance in the country will start a serious change. “Last year, the ICT sector generated nearly three thousand newly-

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created high-paying jobs that generate significant personal consumption and which has an impact on GDP growth. The ICT sector carries investments of three billion kunas and no other private sector in Croatia has such investments. The only ICT in export is growing at a two-digit growth rate.

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We welcome the reform efforts that the Government has launched, but they are not sufficient and it is necessary to devote much more attention to this sector and enable business conditions that are incentive and tax policies that are not repressive, “Drilo said. The president of this HUP association, Hrvoje Josip Balen, emphasized that employers can not raise salaries alone until the conditions of business in the country change. He stressed that “we are competing with countries in which tax policies are much more liberal than ours.”

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“All employers are very happy to give higher salaries to workers in order to retain quality staff in the country, but for more serious increases in demand “We welcome any reform and every step forward, but with the current proposals we will not achieve the sufficiently significant impact needed to create the conditions for further developmentĀ February 2019 Calendar Vector and growth of wages in the IT sector. We need a uniform income tax rate and a simpler income tax mechanism that will enable people with moderate and moderate wages to feel the effects of these changes, “Drilo said.

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