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That local council opposed the change in the business space in which it held its sessions. Also, Bandic was filed an anonymous statement stating that in the last five years he had traveled to Rome at the expense of the City of Zagreb for 62 times, and questioned whether these travels were officially justified. Jozić-Ileković reminded that the February 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay Conflict Resolution Commission on May 18, 2018 initiated proceedings against Bandic because of possible violations of the Law on the Prevention of Conflicts of Interest.

February 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay

Bandic committed irresponsibility and misconduct in the performance of the mayor’s duty because the competent administrative body of the City of Zagreb, according to the obligations of the Law on the Prevention of Conflict of Interest, did not order to proceed with the previous calls and rushes of the Commission to provide the requested data, statements and documents relating to these items.

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“Bandic has acted irresponsibly and unknowingly in performing the mayor’s duties and has failed to preserve his own credibility and trust of citizens, thereby violating the principles of the action from the Law on the Prevention of Conflict of Interest,” Aleksandar Jozic-Ilekovic said. Bandic attacked politically uninhibited on Friday a paid advertisement in the newspaper that once again told the defenders about meeting with Serbian politician Dragan Markovic palmed money with city money.


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In Croatia, in the first ten months of this year, six percent more tourist arrivals and four percent more overnight stays were realized than in the same period last year, they announced on Thursday from the Croatian Tourist Board. According to the eVisitor system data, which contains tourist traffic realized in commercial and non-commercial facilities and the nautical charter (eCrew system), from January to the end of October 19 million arrivals were generated in Croatia, up from six percent and 104.3 million overnight stays or four percent more. Foreign tourists realized 17 million arrivals or six percent more and 92 million nights, four percent more.


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Domestic tourists also recorded a rise in arrivals for nine percent and six percent for nights. Most overnight stays were realized in Istria (28.2 million), Splitsko-Dalmatinska County (19.7 million) and Kvarner (18.8 million). On the continent, not including Zagreb, most of the overnight stays were realized in Karlovac (600,000), Krapina-Zagorje (295,000), Zagreb (178,000), Osijek-Baranja (170,000) and Međimurje County (163,000).

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Most of the overnight stays were realized from the markets of Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic. Research shows that Croatia is the worst of all EU member states when it comes to establishing a balance between private and business life and that 90 percent of Croatian citizens think it should introduce a rude Sunday in stores, ) working week “.


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At a conference organized by the Croatian Sunday Federation with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, it was emphasized that it was important to open a dialogue in order to reach a solution that will protect workers, without compromising  February 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay employers’ interests and distorting the balance in society. Croatia’s EU parliamentarian Marijana Petir said research results suggest that in Croatia 50 percent of employees are working overtime, and Croatia, according to Eurostat’s results, is at the very top of work on Sunday.

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and in 1918, 100,000 people died of hunger and more than 100,000 were killed on the battlefield. The disaster is a  major catastrophe in which generations are suffering, said Ambassador Meunier, warning that peace is not a stable concept, but that it should not work reiterated the war in which only 15 million people were killed on the battlefields.

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The discussion in Zagreb was held on the eve of the Paris Peace Forum, the central marking of the centenary of the end of the war that has changed Europe. The Paris Peace Forum begins on Sunday, November 11, exactly at the anniversary of the signing of the peace agreement in Versailles, and the arrival of 70 to 80 world leaders is expected. On the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron, Croatia’s President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović will also be on the anniversary. The ceremony will take place at the foot of the Slavonian victory in Paris on the 100th anniversary of the signing ceremony.

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President Macron and other world leaders Grabar-Kitarović will meet in Elizej Palace after the ceremony. On the same day, in the afternoon, the Croatian president will speak at the plenary session of the Paris Peace Forum, to be opened by Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

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Earlier on Saturday, Grabar-Kitarović will attend a festive evening will make Emmanuel Macron for high-spirited guests. The Croatian History Museum in Zagreb will mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, the exhibition “1918 – The Breakthrough Year in Croatia”, which opens on Sunday, November 11,

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focusing on key events during the last war year for resolving the Croatian national issue. The exhibition brings together 518 exhibits, museum objects, archive, film and library materials that testify to military, political, social and everyday life. Minister of Science and Education Blaženka Divjak participated in a program of consulting “The Power of Funding in the Governance of Higher Education Institutions: Peer Learning Activity”, and said that only investment in excellence can Croatian higher education and science “get out of lethargy”.

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At the conference, where it was concluded that universities have to show results and assume responsibility for their work, experts from various European countries such as Austria, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Luxembourg, Romania and Slovenia discussed different models of financing higher education on examples of individual state. Minister Divjak said that consultants agreed with international experts that universities must show concrete results “as there is no place for fairness in 2018”.


The Conflict of Interest Commission decided on Friday that Zagreb mayor Milan Bandic violated the principles of exercising public duty under the Law on the Prevention of Conflict of Interest because he did not provide the necessary documentation in time, but no sanction was foreseen. The lawyer Aleksandra Jozić-Ileković said in this case that Bandic did not submit in due time the requested documentation on cases related to his possible conflict of interest in the case of signing a lease contract for the needs of the Havidići Municipal Board, on behalf of Zagreb, on 25 January 2016, owned by the wife of the Council member local committee.

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they had an obligation to inform the citizens about what they were saying. They did not do their homework,” the president said. “With due respect for all the valuable diplomats, they have February 2019 Calendar Hong Kong to be added a bit and a little more there to respond to the Croatian public, “said Grabar-Kitarović, a co-creator of Croatian foreign policy, but complained that no one from her office was invited to participate in the Croatian working groups for that document. the defense will be presented in one and the other procedure,

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“Slokovic said ahead of Todoric’s visit to the investigative jail, which said that the prosecution will be prosecuted by prosecutors from the Zagreb State Attorney’s Office on Wednesday. he was scheduled on Thursday evening due to the danger of escaping. Although earlier that he had filed an appeal on an investigative prison at the Zagreb County Court, Slokovic said in an afternoon that he would not do so before Monday.

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a hearing on Thursday at the Zagreb County Court, and why which Todoric was brought from Remetinac, where the day before was settled after the extradition from London, the investigating judge ruled on two requests. The Defense’s proposal to release Todoric, as most witnesses were questioned, but also the new Prosecution’s request to keep him in danger of escaping.Todoric, along with his sons Ivan and Antom, as well as 12 Agrokor’s managers and auditors are suspected of illegally obtaining more of billions of kuna from Agrokor.

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The investigation was subsequently extended due to the loans Nexus Private Equity Funds donated to Agrokor by the Nexus investment company. Defense appeals for Judge Judge Zoran Luburić’s adjudication of the decision of the District Court should be decided in an accelerated procedure. The anniversary of the end of the First World War was a topic of debate that was held on Thursday at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, with the participation of ambassadors of leading European countries, who stressed the importance of dialogue and reconciliation so that the great wars of the 20th century would not be repeated. The first world war,

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also known as the Great War, ended on November 11, 1918, after the end of the World War I: the first global conflict to the Dialogue and Reconciliation, organized by the French Embassy in collaboration with the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. the scope was world-wide because it included both China and Japan, but was primarily conducted in Europe.

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It ended with a complete change in the political image of Europe in which the empires disappeared, and in Russia the Bolshevik revolution began to mark the 20th century. The First World War, a European project that sends a message of multilateral message, is said territories and agreements that need to be the future of Europe through NATO and the European Union. Representatives of the German, British,

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Austrian and Italian Embassies and the Canadian Ambassador from Canada, who was part of the British Empire at the beginning February 2019 Calendar Hong Kong of the 20th century, attended the French Ambassador Corinne Meunier, Moderator historian Tvrtko Jakovina stated that only in Croatia between 1914 and 1914.

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He proposed a proposal from the HUP’s five smaller measures that can be realistically implemented immediately. February Calendar Template 2019 These are the non-rewarding cost of employee nutrition, the non-refundable payment for the reimbursement of kindergarten expenses for workers who have children, the determination of the maximum non-reimbursable amount that the employer can pay to the employee in the name of rent or cover part of the loan rate,

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non-repayable bonus in the form of shares and a share for companies of a certain size and non-taxable amounts to two to three prize wages annually. “Although these measures are intended within the IT sector, primarily with the aim of increasing its international competitiveness and ability to retain quality people, measures are applicable to the entire sector of professional services and, moreover, to the economy as a whole “Drilo concluded. The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs will prepare a report on the Global Compact on Legal Migration,

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The Marrakesh agreement, which has caused a lot of upheaval in the political top of the last days, to be held by the government next week, and then in Parliament, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic announced on Friday. “The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs that coordinated its drafting will a report to the government next week to finally clarify the topic and explain what is being said, “the prime minister said at a government session. “Then we will send this document as a piece of information to the Parliament, I think it is a topic that ends the debate at least two committees, so that the representatives know exactly what is being said,

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” Plenkovic said, adding that it is important that everything around the Marrakech Agreement be transparent .Tzv. Marrakech’s agreement on legal migration has provoked conflicts between President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs during the past days. Plenković reiterated that Global Compact is not an international treaty and has no legally binding character.

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“This is a catalog of measures that has been working over the past two years , since the UN General Assembly has set the stage for this, “Plenkovic said, adding that the meeting was attended by the president and representatives of the then government.

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” The document has been in the form since July and should politically be accepted in Morocco in mid-December, “Plenkovic said. He did not announce who will travel to Marrakech February Calendar Template 2019 on behalf of Croatia after the president gave up on it. Let’s remind you, President Grabar-Kitarović, the constitutional co-creator of foreign policy, has been criticized by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs on Monday for being uninformed and challenging to the public in respect


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of the Marrakesh Declaration on Legal Migration and the exclusion of its Office of the Working Groups for that document. The president blamed the MVEP for being confused by the public with the Marrakech Agreement. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs is the negotiating coordinator and did not do its job. Instead of publishing my correspondence and trying to cause some public disputes now,

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said Maric, pointing out that the effect of payments under the protested guarantees is estimated at a minimum of 2, 5 billion kuna by the end of the year. Prime Minister Plenkovic said February 2019 Calendar Vector that the reallocation within the health care sector would receive about 400 million kunas, more money will be received by the Ministry of the Interior, due to migration, part is going for demographic regeneration policies, approximately 230 million kuna for indexation of pensions,

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for culture, construction, science, judiciary and regional development. “It seems to me that with this rebalance we have achieved what was right and what was beneficial at this moment,” he added, adding that according to the ESA methodology, the budget deficit this year will amount to two billion kuna or 0.5 percent of GDP,

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how much the Government has estimated. The initiated tax reform is still insufficient to raise the competitiveness of the IT sector and to retain the highest quality people in the sector in the country. Reducing income taxes partially wiped out the salaries of key experts, an important step for the IT industry, as well as for other wounds and companies in which great added value is created thanks to the innovativeness and new knowledge that this industry produces.

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The news is from a press conference held on Thursday in the HUP on wages in the IT industry. President of HUP – Information and Communication Association Boris Drilo said that the ICT industry of the future that has a chance in the country will start a serious change. “Last year, the ICT sector generated nearly three thousand newly-

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created high-paying jobs that generate significant personal consumption and which has an impact on GDP growth. The ICT sector carries investments of three billion kunas and no other private sector in Croatia has such investments. The only ICT in export is growing at a two-digit growth rate.

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We welcome the reform efforts that the Government has launched, but they are not sufficient and it is necessary to devote much more attention to this sector and enable business conditions that are incentive and tax policies that are not repressive, “Drilo said. The president of this HUP association, Hrvoje Josip Balen, emphasized that employers can not raise salaries alone until the conditions of business in the country change. He stressed that “we are competing with countries in which tax policies are much more liberal than ours.”

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“All employers are very happy to give higher salaries to workers in order to retain quality staff in the country, but for more serious increases in demand “We welcome any reform and every step forward, but with the current proposals we will not achieve the sufficiently significant impact needed to create the conditions for further development February 2019 Calendar Vector and growth of wages in the IT sector. We need a uniform income tax rate and a simpler income tax mechanism that will enable people with moderate and moderate wages to feel the effects of these changes, “Drilo said.

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, while the remaining HRK 4.1 billion relates mostly to the expected increase in funds from EU funds. Of those February 2019 Calendar Urdu 2.8 billion kuna most, or almost half, refers to an increase in pensions and pensions, or HRK 1.2 billion. At the same time, HRK 630 million refers to the envisaged indexation of pensions. Also, for demographic recovery measures,

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which include expanding the base of those entitled to child allowance, maternity leave allowances and infant equipment, as well as subsidizing housing loans, HRK 468 million more are planned than in 2018. In the 2019 budget employees’

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expenditures were planned in the total amount of HRK 29.1 billion or 1.1 billion more than in 2018, material expenditures in the amount of HRK 14.4 billion or HRK 1.2 billion more, pointed out Marić. planned in the amount of HRK 7 billion, an increase of HRK 466.5 million,

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and assistance in the amount of HRK 17 billion or HRK 600 million more, Croatia’s contribution to the EU budget of HRK 3.7 billion, and benefits to citizens and households of 48 , HRK 9 billion,

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of which HRK 40 billion for pensions, and for children’s allowance HRK 1.7 billion or HRK 336 million more. The budget deficit in the next year will be in line with the Economic and Fiscal Policy Guidelines, from 0.4 percent of GDP or 1.6 billion kuna, said Marić.Rebalans “The results that we have in the past 2.5 years give us a lot of right and credibility and credibility to say that we will do everything to make this result even better”

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, said Maric. This will, he pointed out, result in the continuation of the reduction in the share of public debt in GDP. “For this year, despite the situation with Uljanik, the projection is a fall in public debt to 74.6 percent of GDP, and for the next year, three percentage points less (71.6 percent),” he concluded. The government also adopted a motion Friday the revision of this year’s budget, which will increase total revenues by 144 million kuna compared to originally planned, amounting to 129.2 billion kuna, and expenses will be reduced by 1.6 billion kuna to 131.7 billion.

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Maric said that the situation regarding the rebalance was similar to last year – and this year more revenue was collected than originally expected, and this surplus of revenues will not be spent, but the expenditure side of the budget financed from general sources is retained. When the EU assistance is activated, the total expenditure has been reduced by 1.6 billion kunas in the rebalance, he added. He added that it should be emphasized that the most important change in the rebalance was the issue of the protested guarantees given to the Uljanik group. “If this element were not present at this moment, we could easily conclude that this February 2019 Calendar Urdu year, as well as past, will be over with the surplus of the general government budget,”

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However, he emphasized that the change of the rulebook would go immediately, to come into force on 1 December this year. Thus, he said, giving employers the opportunity to reward their employees, “in the form of a Christmas party, 13th salary, whatever February 2019 Ka Calendar they wanted to call and reward their work in 2018, and they all wanted good Christmas and New Year holidays.” Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic considered this to be particularly good news.

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“I think this is a new space that many employers also wanted and signaled, and that is why I think we have opened a very good opportunity here, and it is not timing, either,” Prime Minister said.Record at ParliamentWheat at the Government session on Friday a budget proposal for 2019, which was referred to the parliamentary procedure, which predicts that total budget revenues will be 136.1 billion kuna and will be 5.5 percent higher than the original planned budget for 2018, while the total expenditures amounted to HRK 140.3 billion, which is HRK 6.9 billion more.

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The calculation for the next year is based on the estimate of the Croatian economy’s growth of 2.9 percent, Marić said, pointing out how to keep up and work to ensure that these rates of growth be more and more. “Exceptionally, exports of goods and services continue to show a high dependence on imports of goods and services, and the overall contribution of net exports in this projection period is negative, which means that domestic demand is the driving force for growth, “the Finance Minister said, adding that the positive effects on the economy also had tax reform measures.

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As he said, the effect of tax measures ahead and those planned to be introduced next year will increase growth rate in 2019 and 2020 by 0.3 percent. Inflation is projected to fall below two percent in 2019, and further improvement in labor market trends is expected, with unemployment rates On the revenue side of the budget, which is expected to be in the amount of 136.1 billion kunas, the usual highest revenue is expected from VAT, 51.8 billion kuna or 4.4 percent more than the original budget for the budget. 2018.


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Taxes and excises are expected to be 0.4 percent lower revenues, or 15.7 billion kuna. Profit tax revenues would amount to HRK 8.8 billion, which would be 6.2 percent higher than in this year’s budget. Revenues from the contribution would amount to HRK 24.1 billion or 0.8 percent less due to the planned abolition of employment and work-related benefits, while aid revenues, which include funds from EU funds, reached HRK 17.5 billion.

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Income from property, including a part of earnings of state-owned companies, should amount to HRK 15.3 billion next year, while HRK 780 million is expected from the sale of non-financial assets, Minister Maric said.


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The state budget revenues are planned in the total amount of 140 , 3 billion kuna, an increase of 6.9 billion kuna compared to this year’s original budget. In addition, the growth of expenditures is divided into two components, says the Minister of Finance, February 2019 Ka Calendar and this increase in expenditures financed by the so-called. of general sources and receipts (taxes, contributions, etc.) in the amount of HRK 2.8 billion

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“Croatia is at last the indicator of compliance of private and business life in the EU, and it turned out that 90 percent of Croati February Printable Calendar 2019 an citizens believe that it should be introduced “said Petir.European People’s Party elected a member of the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) for his” spitzenkandidat “on Thursday at the Helsinki congress of Manfred Weber.

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The European People’s Party, which brings together the Democratic and National Party, has chosen its leading candidate for the European Commission, and Weber now has a great chance to become. Weber has got 492 votes and his counter-candidate, Alexander Stubb, 127 votes. There were 621 envoys voting with two invalid ballots.

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He is known as a moderate politician, smart in reaching political agreement and seeking compromise. On Friday, the Parliament finally sent a package of nine tax laws, including amendments to the VAT Act, where it plans to expand the reduced rate by five percent, along with medicines prescription and non-prescription drugs, and announced a huge increase in the non-taxable amount of prizes such as regress and Christmas, from 2500 to 7500 kunas.Weber was a favorite of most parties within the EPP, including the Croatian Democratic Union. “I stand before you not only as a candidate, I am standing to request a mandate, a mandate for changing Europe, to open up the next chapter of our European dream “Weber said in his address to EPP congressmen just before the secret ballot.


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He said he wanted Europe to return to citizens a feeling of being “at home,” a Europe that protects, who is fighting terrorism and which leaves no room for national selfishness when it comes to security. He stressed that the EU must stop illegal migration and secure its external borders. He pledged for the European master plan for the fight against cancer, a disease he lost his brother.Premijer Plenković, HDZ president, pointed out that Weber received 80-percent support from the EPP congress.

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“I am particularly pleased to have this trust in Manfred Weber, who was a great friend of the HDZ who was in our general assembly a few months ago, came to our campaign in 2016. He was with us in Osijek. in mature and at the same time young age, he is only 46 years old and I think that in his next few months his activities will help all EPP parties on the national level, “said Plenković.Manfred Weber was born in 1972 in Landshut, Bavaria.

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Weber never carried out his duties at the executive level at any level. From 2002 to 2004 he was a representative of the Bavarian parliament as the youngest deputy elected to that body. Since 2004, she has been a member of the European Parliament and since 2014 she is the head of the EPP parliamentary group and the youngest leader of some political group in the European Parliament.

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“Our proposal is to adjust the total amount of annual non-taxable receipts that go for commemorative rewards, resurrection, resurrection We extend not only the amount but also the scope, so February Printable Calendar 2019 whatever the employer called and received the employee – was the Christmas, the regression, the resurrection, the annual meal, the 13th salary … mentioned, it is up to them to define and we will not interfere, “said Finance Minister Zdravko Marić.

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“Bandic acted irresponsibly and unknowingly in the performance of his duties as the mayor, and he failed to preserve his own credibility and trust in the citizens, thereby violating the principles of action from the Law on Prevention of Conflicts of Interest,” said Aleksandra Jozic-Ilekovic.Bandic also attacked political opponents on Friday February 2019 Calendar Panchang is a paid advertisement in the newspaper, which once again apologized to the defenders for meeting with the Serbian politician Dragan Marković, pays dharma with city money. Franjo Varga, suspected of making fake SMSs for Zdravko Mamić, stopped a hunger strike.

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– The Osijek County Court withdrew its order to conduct investigating prisoner Franjo Varga at the Zagreb Prison Hospital to screen and possibly hospitalize because the Prison in Osijek was informed by the court that the investigating prisoner Franjo Varg stopped the hunger strike and on 7 November he began to take prisoner food and refused to hospitalize in hospital. For the above reasons, he was not taken to the Zagreb Prison Hospital – we know from Miroslav Rošec, a spokesman for the Osijek County Court.

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On Wednesday, the Osijek County Court announced that Varga had been transferred to a hospital in Zagreb, but apparently the Belize computer engineer changed his mind and decided to consume prison food in Osijek. Zagreb lawyer Mario Poljak, a lawyer from Vargin, says that the so-called ” SMS surveillance activities are still pending and can not be publicly discussed.

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Former Croatian President Ivo Josipović said in an interview with Sarajevo’s Oslobodjenje that Croatia will not press publicly to help solve the problems between Croats and Bosniaks in BiH, but talks outside the immediate reach of the public, in order to eliminate the key fears of these two nations.

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“Croatia will certainly not make pressure to tackle complicated relations in BiH,” said several NGOs on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Kristal Nights gathered in Zagreb at the site of the former synagogue. They warned of the necessity of resisting the spread of fear and hatred towards refugees and migrants. “We are threatened that this is what happens again if we allow the hate speech in the public to be strengthened,” Ana Raffai said on behalf of a group of activists and believers.


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Studies show that Croatia is the worst of all EU member states when it comes to balancing private and business life, and that 90 percent of Croatian citizens think that a non-working Sunday should be introduced in stores, said Friday at the international conference “Culture (non) working week”. At a conference organized by the Croatian Association for Sunday with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation,


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it was emphasized that it was important to open a dialogue in order to arrive at a solution that would protect workers, without compromising the interests of employers and disturbing the balance in society. Croatian lawmaker in the EU Parliament Marijana February 2019 Calendar Panchang Petir cited the results of a survey according to which 50 percent of employees work in Croatia overtime, and Croatia, according to Eurostat, is at the very top of Sunday’s work.

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The three votes remained with one of the three opposition candidates – Miroslav Čabraji, while the candidates Aleksandar Bogdanović and Valerija Vuković Kondža remained without the votes of KV members. As a result of the final confirmation and meeting of the February 2019 Calendar With Holidays Malaysia head of state – as the first interlocutor in the history of Osijek – a few more important steps, current business manager HNK Dražen Vrselja does not hide the satisfaction with the outcome.

February 2019 Calendar With Holidays Malaysia


We remind you that the tender for procedural mistake has already been canceled. “I’m glad the Theater Council recognized my program and decided to support it, giving it the advantage of the other candidates who are also of good quality,” commented briefly to Vrselja, although they were in the evening in the workplace on Friday, at the CNB, where part of the program of the Austrian Culture Day was held.

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Her choice, ie proposal for intendants, the Theater Council refers to further proceedings with the City and the County. The session of the City Council on 19th November, and the County Assembly in early December. Confirms both founders Dražen Vrselj as the intendant, the final confirmation given by the minister of culture, Nina Obuljen Korzinek

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.- If everything goes right, I will especially the first interview given to the Voice of Slavonia because of the long-standing professional and objective support to the work of the Croatian National Party – said Drazen Vrselj, who should be succeeded by current Bozidar Schneider’s Mayor in May next year, when he expires his mandate and retire.

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On Friday, the Commission for the Conflict of Interest decided that Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic violated the principles of public office performance under the Act on the Prevention of Conflict of Interest because he did not provide the necessary documentation in time, but no sanction was foreseen. The lawyer in that case, Aleksandra Jozić-Ileković, said that Bandic did not submit the requested documentation on the cases related to his potential conflict of interest in a timely manner when, on behalf of Zagreb on January 25, 2016,


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he signed a contract for renting business premises for the needs of the local council of Havidici, owned by the wife of a member of the local committee. In doing so, this local committee also opposed changing the business premises in which it held its sessions. Also, Bandic was filing an anonymous petition stating that in the last five years he had officially traveled to Rome for the expenses of the City of Zagreb, even 62 times, and it is questionable if those trips had an official justification.


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Jozić-Ileković reminded that the Commission for the Decision on Conflict of Interest on 18 May 2018 initiated proceedings against Bandić for possible violation of the Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest. Bandic acted irresponsibly and unknowingly in the performance of the mayor’s office because he did not instruct the February 2019 Calendar With Holidays Malaysia competent administrative body of the City of Zagreb, pursuant to the obligations from the Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest, to act upon previous calls and requests by the Commission to provide him with the requested data, observations and documents in due course these items.