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By contrast, color names such as ruby ​​red, emerald green and sapphire blue are quite common and not uncommon. As a rule, “Jet-Black” or “Morning Frost White” paints are art words that December 2018 Calendar Printable Template with Holidays agencies devise and inspire the imagination of their customers. Matching themeGels Cars increasingly popular in Germany Sports car builder Porsche has the strongest brand in GermanyUsed .

December 2018 Calendar Printable Template with Holidays

US sports car Icon Dodge Viper – Unrestricted driving pleasure with over 400 hp SUVsSoftroaders and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) Softroaders or Sports Utility Vehicles are particularly popular in the USA. In Europe, on the other hand, they did not gain a foothold until the 1990s. But for what applications are these vehicles actually designed, what are their characteristics and which known models are available in Germany? Usage Regarding the possible applications.

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It can be seen that the associations sometimes differ greatly in terms of the capabilities of a soft-road and SUV and the actual driving characteristics. This is how Softroader’s vehicle types, which are visually inspired by an off-road vehicle but do not have the features required to actually be used off-road, are the mainstays of Softroaders. Accordingly, soft-road vehicles can only be used as ordinary everyday vehicles on paved roads. In the case of SUVs.

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However, it is possible that they are also designed for the terrain, which is why these can be driven partly on dirt roads or on insufficiently paved roads. Target groups The target group of Softroaders are therefore economically well-placed individuals who especially appreciate the image of an SUV without having to rely on its off-road capability. In contrast, SUVs are often purchased by commercial users, according to which the vehicle with the all-wheel drive, for example, in the mountains or un.

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The appearance of SUVs is reminiscent of an off-road vehicle, since the design of the body is based on these. However, a look at the size and width of the tires usually reveals that it is an SUV and not an off-road vehicle. In terms of basic dimensions, SUVs are characterized by a minimum length of 5m, with a wheelbase of at least 2.80m. Performance data In their performance data, SUVs are so different among each other that it is difficult to give general guidance at this point.

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The first soft-roader, which ran on German roads in the middle of the 90s, has more than 95 kW. However, today’s models also reach power values ​​of more than 200 kW, which also demonstrates the claim of handling heavy terrain or pulling loads. Due to the high dead weight of often well over two tons, the four-wheel drive and the powerful engines, but also the consumption is relatively high, which is often between 9 and 13 liters per 100 km.Ausstattung und Preis.

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To the basic equipment of SUVs are usually light-alloy modern airbag systemsPark brakes and air conditioning. In turn, at an extra cost, the features of fatigue detection of the automatic headlight circuit of the rain sensor of the off-road bumper and the December 2018 Calendar Printable Template with Holidays high beam control are available. The initial cost of a new SUV are relatively high and are usually between 25,000 and 60,000 euros. Examples Now is still on the most famous models among the SUVs will be discussed.

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Das could be a reason why more and more drivers order their vehicle in a matt paint. This is not really different from ordinary paint, only the finish contains a matting agent. But Mattlack can cause trouble, warns the ADAC. In a car wash, for example, the pores December 2018 Calendar with Holidays Printable can close, so it gradually comes to a loss of the matte look. Also Damage to the paint, such as scratches or bumps can be improved much more difficult. In contrast to normal varnish, it is not possible to perform any post-repairs here.

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It must be replaced or repainted the entire section of the affected body. Even coarse soiling must always be removed with a special care product. 13.08.2012 IF CHILDREN DESIGN CARS: GIRLS WANT STYLE, MEN WANT STATUS That women in cars attach more importance to a chic look than men is well known. However, this is not a matter of age, as a survey of “iconkids and youth” revealed for Autoscout 24 out of 402 boys and girls aged 6 to 9, where children should paint their dream cars: even the little girls laid down already value on beautiful cars – if possible in bright red.

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The boys, however, painted square cars in black, which should be as loud as possible. This corresponded to her idea of ​​a “cool” powerful car, which also represents a status symbol. The girls, on the other hand, put more emphasis on style with round shapes and bright colors, which should above all be functional. The different thinking is also reflected in the favorite brands of both genders.

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The girls named Volkswagen (19%), BMW (14%) and Opel (10%) as favorite brands, the boys on the other hand BMW (20%), Mercedes (16%) and Ferrari (15%) .The girls also rated the driving skills of the parents differently than the boys: For most girls both go Parents are equally good, while almost half of the boys stated that they consider Papa the better driver.03.02.2015WOHLKLINGEN DESIGNS FOR AUTOLACKERS ARE THE FANTASY OF CUSTOMERS INCOMING THE INVENTORY OF FARBAMINNESS ARE NO LIMITS LAW OF .

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A silver sports car sports car © mammitzsch – www.fotolia.deWeiß and silver are among the world’s most popular car colors.But that’s not how manufacturers make it easy for their customers. For example, for the luxury coupe Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​18 different tinted red paints exist. Blue is even available in 22 variations. All have beautiful names, such as “Blue Crystal”, “Moonbeam” or “Pale Brodgar”.

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“Nürburgring Silver”, “Blu Abu Dhabi” and “Moonstone Pale” are among the top The Ferrari F458 Speciale shines in “Nürburgring Silver “.The combination of color and racetrack are currently in vogue. Also, the slopes in Daytona, Suzuka, Sebring and Estoril are often used for asphalt gray and silver tones. Ferrari “Blu Abu Dhabi” is a sea blue that changes into turquoise.

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The Rolls-Royce brand offers its model Wraith both in autumnal magic “Autumn Mystery Black” and in “Moonstone Pale”. Even at VW, the cars go with sonorous hues, such as “Oxy-white December 2018 Calendar with Holidays Printable mother-of-pearl effect.” Ordinary names do not draw “Iced Chocolate Metallic” is not a candy made of chocolate, but the metallic brown of a minis.

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Consumption is expected to fall by 15 to 18 percent.BMW wants to reduce consumption and increase performanceWith a water injection BMW not only wants to reduce the consumption Calendar 2018 December of its turbo engines, but also increase the performance. The combustion air is cooled down further than is possible with the intercooler of the turbo. At high speeds, water spray is sprayed into the collector of the intake module.

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The temperature drops, a previous ignition timing is possible. According to BMW, this reduces the pollutants and also the load on the engine.Continentals method for far-sighted and fuel-efficient driving supplier Continental has developed a method that is equipped with a kind of look-ahead function for cruise control and driver assistance systems. The system allows far-sighted and fuel-efficient driving. Unnecessary accelerating and braking should be a thing of the past.

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For trucks there is the process since 2012 and have saved about 63 million liters of diesel.Toyotas and Nissan gasoline engine combustionToyota and Nissan have designed a gasoline engine combustion process based on the so-called Miller cycle. The intake valve, through which fresh air enters the cylinder, closes rather than usual. The engine uses less energy when compressing because there is less air in the combustion chamber. Because of the Einstein the satnav in the car works car builders rely in the vehicle increasingly on smartphone apps.

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New laser technology for batteries of electric carsVan and minibusVans and minibuses, which are assigned to the MPV, are characterized by their spacious interior and the high number of seats. The latter can be up to nine seats, which is why with both types of vehicles even small groups can be transported. But what should the interested motorists know all about vans and minibuses, which exist in this form in Germany since around the 1950s? Usage.

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In terms of the possible applications has already been indicated that these vehicle models transporting groups of up to nine people including drivers allow. Accordingly, vans and minibuses can be used to transport large families or customers. In addition, offers the space of a Kleinbu sses also for commercial purposes, as soon as material, tools or goods must be transported. In this case, mostly the rear rows of seats are dispensed with, which maximizes the loading capacity.

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Target groups Therefore, the target group can be both large families and commercial users who are dependent on the large number of seats or the load compartment. In addition, minibuses among travelers enjoy a great popularity, which they use, for example, after a conversion as a motorhome. Optics Vans looks at the high and mostly soft silhouette and the overall size of the vehicle.

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Vans can reach a length of up to 5m and a width of up to 2m, whereas the height is at least 1.6m. Minibuses, however, are kept in the typical box shape, have sliding doors and reach some Calendar 2018 December heights of well over 2m. Performance data vans are usually operated with a four-cylinder engine or six-cylinder engine, with power values ​​between 80 and 140 kW are achieved.

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By contrast, minibuses are even more powerful and have up to 150 kW. However, vans and minibuses also weigh a lot and are not characterized by their favorable aerodynamics. For this reason, consumption values ​​between 7 and 9 liters can be regarded as standard. Equipment and price In terms of equipment, the individual models differ December 2018 Calendar Template Printable greatly. For example, new ranges of Vans usually come as standard in the field of safety with LED daytime running lights and SAPABSAirbags, and at a surcharge also with parking aids.

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The interior is also characterized by numerous storage areas, folding seats and height-adjustable driver seats.Other useful technologies are finally the Klimaautomatikinhabitable seats Xenon headlights and light and rain sensors, which there are sometimes only for a surcharge. Minibuses are similar in terms of their features to the van, with a focus on functionality is usually put on. Priced vans and minibuses start at around 25,000 euros.

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Examples of the most popular and up to date models in the vans category are the VW Sharander Lancia Voyager and the Renault Espacedie Mercedes-Benz R-Class and Ford Galaxy. Well-known models of minibuses are the soaring Fiat Ducato and Scud or Ford Transitder VW Busder Mercedes-Benz Vito and T1 the Mercedes Sprinter as well as Renault Traffic.21.11.2009The COLOR OF THE CAR SAYS MUCH ABOUT THE CHARACTER OF THE DRIVER CIVIL ENGINES DRIVE A BROWN.

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IMPULSIVE RED CARSilver car drives on country road outside service © Michael S. Schwarzer – www.fotolia.deThe color selection when buying a car is much more than a matter of taste. With a commodity that we use so often or long and especially in public, we always set a sign. Therefore, color psychologists can draw conclusions on the character based on our decision.The effect of colors on the personality aspects such as safety usually play no role in the color choice.

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Discreetly dark colors such as black, blue or dark green, which are the least noticeable, are statistically at the top. No wonder, because colors such as black or dark blue are considered elegant, solid and serious. On the other hand, drivers with light blue cars are somewhat unimaginative, according to science. Drivers with red cars are generally impulsive and like to get involved in a small race. Gray or silver cars are statistically most involved in accidents because they are optically poorly off the asphalt.

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Anyone who decides to buy a silver vehicle thinks he is stylish, but is also considered a bit overbearing. Yellow is for particularly individual, spontaneous people, but also for optimists. It is particularly hard for those who opt for a brown car. Because brown is considered bourgeois, undynamic and boring.Matching the topic Tips for buying and selling cars – the choice of the right model.

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Hints for test driving and Co.03.12.2010SCHLICHTE ELEGANCE – MATT IS THE NEW TREND IN THE AUTOLACK woman in suspenders and high heels leans with a man in a car, only the legs can be seenFlirtation © – www.fotolia.deIndividuality December 2018 Calendar Template Printable is nowadays a great asset. The more expensive the purchase of a commodity, the less you like it because it looks the same as that of the Nachbar.

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08.06.2015AUTOBAUER SET IN VEHICLE ON SMARTPHONE APPS IN THE INTEGRATION OF SMARTPHONE APPS COMPETING AUTOMOTIVE MANUFACTURERS REINFORCED WITH APPLE AND GOOGLEVerkehr – Right hand on the steering wheel December Calendar 2018 Printable of a car driving a car © Rebel – www.fotolia.deThe market for smartphone apps for the car is growing rapidly. But in addition to the computer and software giant Google and Apple.

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The car manufacturers themselves are looking for ways to integrate such apps. So already Toyota and Ford have agreed to cooperate to use the open source platform “Smart Device Link” (SDL) , SDL supports the integration of smartphone apps into the vehicles’ communication and entertainment systems. With that, companies would increasingly compete with platforms like Apple’s Carplay or Android Auto from Google, which comes in models from Audi, Chevrolet or Hyunda s Smartphone accessories?

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These systems ensure that the smartphone takes care of entertainment and navigation on the screen of the infotainment system and also includes text messages and calls. But car makers fear losing data to Google and Apple. They suspect that thanks Carplay and Android Auto, the car only to the accessories of the Smartphone wird.Zudem they require that the operation in a Maserati should look higher quality than in a Fiat. They want to achieve this with their own developments, such as Fiat, which has created with the help of the US company Harman a user interface specifically for the new Fiat 500X.

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Self-driving cars and series production of cars from the 3D printer competition threatens but also elsewhere, such by Google’s self-driving cars. In addition, the small US automaker Local Motors, which relies increasingly on techniques such as open source and crowdsourcing, has announced that it will enter series production of cars from the 3D printer. There is already a prototype with the Strati. Going into production in late 2015.Matching the topicNew laser technology for batteries of electric cars.

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Google develops car without accelerator and steering wheelApple joins forces with three vehicle manufacturers and relies on the networked carMercedes wants to link Google Glass with car navigation24.08.2015TECHNICAL INNOVATIONS AT AUTOMOTIVE REDUCE SPRIT CONSUMPTION AND HELP IN SAFETY INFORMING THE LATEST TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS FROM AUTOBAUER AND SUPPLIER Hands of a businessman on the steering wheel while driving a carQuck.

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Turn / Driving a Car © Steering Wheel © Thomas Bedenk – www.fotolia.deThe car industry is always looking for new possibilities, fuel consumption and fuel efficiency reduce pollutant emissions. The most economical engine is always when it is not running. Bosch has therefore developed a procedure that always displays the engine when the vehicle can only keep the speed by rolling. If the driver touches the accelerator or brake pedal, the engine starts again.

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This is a combination of a start-stop system and the sail principle when the transmission automatically switches to idle.Delphis Boost Recuperation System (BRS) Suppliers Delphi originate the energy recovery system Boost Recuperation System (BRS) with the world’s first 48-volt hybrid system that acts both as a generator and electric motor and replaces December Calendar 2018 Printable the alternator. Required for this is a novel on-board network with 48 volt voltage, which is installed in addition to the well-known 12-volt network in the car.

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The rubbers you wanted in the past decades again and again by specially coated discs or wegpusten the Replace wetness, with no alternative in the trade and the classic wiper is likely to remain December 2018 Calendar US unrivaled. The world’s largest automotive supplier Bosch wants that but not so and wants to equip the new generation of rubbers from next year with a higher quality coating and thus delay the wear process.

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In addition, the previously placed on the hood water nozzles are to be integrated into the wiper, which means almost 50 Percent could save water. In many new cars is also no longer the classic electric motor with the platzeinnehmenden linkage installed, instead, the wipers are moved directly from an engine and create more space in the engine compartment.25.10.2013ANALYSIS OF CAR INSURANCE CONTRACTS CONSTRAINTS BETWEEN AUTOMOTIVE AND PROFESSIONALMANN is sitting at the wheel of Cars and uses a white Smartphoneclose with the right hand © Syda Productions.

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www.fotolia.deThe math professor Wolfgang Bischof of the University of Rosenheim has the combination of car brands as well as the corresponding occupations of the vehicle owners more closely examined. The analysis of 56,000 car insurance contracts carried out for this showed that different occupational groups prefer certain vehicle brands. The market leader Volkswagen.

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Whose vehicles are driven by 23 per cent of business economists and 21 per cent each of dental assistants and physicians, is in the lead. However, BMWs prefer BMW – 14 percent of them are traveling with the models of the Bavarian car manufacturer.In contrast, set painters with a share of 15 percent on Opel, while electricians Ford vehicles with 11 percent are popular. In addition to the topic Audi is the most popular car brand Germany car buyers as a mirror of society – customers are getting older.

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Mercedes02.06.2014GOOGLE DEVELOPS CAR WITHOUT GAS PEDAL AND STEERING WHEELSilver car drives on country roadOutside service © Michael S. Schwarzer – www.fotolia.deThe world’s largest search engine giant Google has now developed a self-driving car that has neither a gas or brake pedal nor a steering wheel. The car is controlled entirely by software that evaluates data received via sensors. According to Sergey Brin, one of the two Google founders, 200 of these vehicles are to be built shortly with a partner not mentioned by name.

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Although the Group has already equipped vehicles such as the Toyota Prius with radar devices and laser sensors for autonomous driving for almost five years , Google now wants to make the car itself. For a long time, Brin claims to have been dreaming of a future where an app can be used to get an autonomous car.Poll: Attractive people drive Porsche – philistines sitting in the.

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The manager is confident that self-driving cars will be able to drive on the streets in two years without human assistance. The prototypes are currently one of eight projects that the search engine December 2018 Calendar US giant is currently working on in its Google X secret lab. As the company’s current revenue is based solely on advertising revenues, shareholders are hopeful that such projects will soon open new revenue streams.

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12 percent find the operation of the navigation systems difficult. For 13 percent of the participants, the multi-function lever is a challenge and also the operation of the telephone and audio Calendar December 2018 system is problematic for about 11 percent of respondents while driving. Nevertheless, 78 percent of respondents are convinced of the electronic devices and see through them a clear Advantage of safety and comfort. 27 percent said they benefited from these devices in critical situations.

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Overall, men see more advantages in the latest technology than women. 02.10.2012 CAR WITHOUT A DRIVER BELONGS TO THE FUTURE Does the driverless car have the future? After Nevada and Florida, California has now also allowed the test operation of a self-driving car of the US company Google. Google has a total of twelve such vehicles. Technicians have equipped Toyota Prius with installed cameras, radar sensors and a laser gauge. In Nevada and Florida, the “Self-Driving Cars” already nearly 500,000 kilometers accident-free on public roads unterweges.

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Auch the Google car is still sitting behind the wheel driver. The on-board computer should not completely replace it, but only supportive. Thus, the motorist always has the opportunity to take over the steering wheel or he can be controlled while driving from the computer and correct if necessary. Also in Germany, scientists are working on the construction of an autonomous car. Thus, the Free University (FU) Berlin has already developed a prototype.

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Federal Research Minister Annette Schavan (CDU) is funding the project with two million euros. Raul Rojas, head of the department at the FU, believes that self-driving cars will be used on freeways in just a decade.21.12.2012NEW AGM AUTOBATTERIES STAY LONGER THAN THE LEAD ACID NUT key in front of the car engine, WorkshopV8 supercharged car engine and tensioner © Christopher Dodge – www.fotolia.deIn the cold season, the car batteries often give up their minds, which is why they should be checked regularly.

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The GTÜ Society for Technical Supervision has now examined six lead-acid and four AGM batteries with capacities of between 70 and 77 ampere-hours. In the process, these so-called Absorbent-Glass-Mat cells performed particularly well, as they did after a Deep discharge in contrast to the lead batteries can be reanimated again.

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Thus, they last much longer and are also more powerful than the common lead batteries. Although the AGM batteries, which have been on the market for about three years, are not suitable for every car, the purchase is worthwhile despite the higher price at  corresponding models. Unlike the lead-acid batteries, there were no major differences in the quality of the AGM models during the test, which is why customers can easily get the cheapest battery here.

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06.08.2013 LIKE THE RUBBER ON THE WINDOW AGAINST THE PAST? Already for over 100 years The windshield wiper exists in almost unchanged form and has a basically ungrateful task – namely the cleaning. Only when he is no longer working properly or whose Calendar December 2018  wiper motors in the worst case on the highway give up the mind, the motorists will realize how important this component is at all.

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The researchers used the operation of the iPhone as a model. Currently, a prototype of the steering wheel with touch screen is undergoing the test phase. Test persons are in a driving simulator and are supposed to operate the screen purely intuitively. This consists of a December 2018 Blank Calendar plastic disc with sensors that register the finger movements. About 77 percent of all drivers have significant difficulties using the latest technology. However, this is not an age-specific problem. 40 percent of the respondents distract the electronic devices from driving and thus represent a security risk.

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The researchers explained that to the maturity stage still some tests are necessary.27.06.2011AUTOPILOT, PLEASE TAKE ACCOUNT! DEVELOPING CAR WITH ASSISTANCE SYSTEM AND AUTOMATIC DRIVING FUNCTION close-up of left side mirror of a car mirror © Franz Pfluegl – www.fotolia.deAutopilots are, despite the name, usually not in cars, but in airplanes, watercraft or rockets. But that could change soon.

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Provided the German Aerospace Center (DLR) succeeds in making its plans a reality, turning on the autopilot and leaning back relaxed – that is the vision of the future DLR.Auto developed with assistance system and automatic driving functionThe autopilot navigates through the vehicle without a problem Traffic. The device automatically adjusts the speed, keeping the correct distance and track.However, according to a recent survey by Dekra, an expert organization, the operation of navigation and assistance systems as well as the audio and telephone systems is a problem.

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However, those who would rather take on more responsibility can also hire the autopilot differently. At the touch of a button, the driver can decide whether he prefers to “assist”, “semi-automate” or even “highly automate” his vehicle The car FASCar II with assistance systems and automatic driving function was developed as part of the EU project HAVEit.

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(Highly Automated Vehicles for Intelligent Transport), in which the Braunschweig DLR Institute of Transport Systems was also involved. However, the final decision remains Although fully automated, it can fully take over the steering wheel at any time, however, the system will adjust and alert early if there is any danger, and it will be able to intervene in an emergency, but the driver may override the autopilot Traffic lights that communicate with autopilot are built for further testing.

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The system uses numerous cameras and sensors to monitor the traffic.The so-called steer-by-wire steering makes it possible to move the car even though the steering wheel is stationary.There is no mechanical handlebar , which connects the steering wheel and axle with each other In another test phase, the DLR wants to set up traffic lights in Braunschweig that can communicate with an autopilot. This application platform Intelligent Mobility (AIM) would be perfect for the FASCar II.

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Fits to the topicNo congestion, fewer accidents – Autopilots take the helmBiodegradable plastics should be used in future automobilesCars of the futureCar drivers can look around the corner with the help of a camera27.03.2012 NEW TECHNICAL December 2018 Blank Calendar EXPERIENCES IN THE CAR – MORE COMFORT, LESS SECURITYDepart is running in front of an approaching car on the country road (deer). Wildwechsel © hykoe – www.fotolia.deNew technical achievements in the car are becoming ever more diverse.

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The whole works by recording the bioelectrical wave patterns that the human brain uses in commands such as “accelerating”, “braking”, ” This requires a computer training, during which December 2018 Calendar Free the computer must recognize, how these commands look with a certain humans. The computer thus learns how a person thinks of these commands in individual cases. After a while, it is possible to clearly differentiate the four instructions in terms of computer technology.

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And at some point you can drive it with the car.Bis the market maturity of the new technology, however, some follow-up studies are necessary, admits Rojas.15.03.2011 ON THE INTERNET IN THE CAR IS THE MOST INFORMATION INQUIREDMann sits at the wheel of a car and operates the navigation device Man operated navigation device in the car © industrieblick – When it comes to Internet in the car, Germans focus on information and less on entertainment.

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According to a survey by the market research institute Plus with 1000 participants, two-thirds want information about the current traffic situation, 62 percent an online vehicle check and 61 percent the display of current construction sites. Far less important for motorists is entertainment such as playing individual music tracks. 31 percent are interested in this.

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A little more – 35 percent – want individual messages. In the car unimportant seems to be the sending of e-mails. Only a quarter of those surveyed want this. As a statement, the market researchers state the great distraction potential. In addition, such functions would rather be used on the mobile phone. 02/02/2011 CAR KEY AS A MINI COMPUTER – MORE THAN JUST OPENING DOORS Car keys.

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Vehicle registration and vehicle registration documents are on license plates Car and car keys and license plates © Jürgen Fälchle – Car keys are not the same as car keys , The door openers now resemble mini-computers that can be individually programmed. Some are set so that only the driver’s door can be opened. With others, for example, only the sunroof can be opened. There are even car keys with a so-called handbag protector.

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This prevents unintentional unlocking of the car doors. The radio transmitters are programmed by pressing a button. Decisive is the length of the pressing or the order. For some models, however, motorists can not do the programming themselves, but must visit their authorized workshop. These charge up to 50 euros. However, the workshop is in a position to tell you what is possible with the car keys.

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17 / 06 / 2011TIPS FOR DRIVING – TOUCHSCREEN FOR THE AUTODraffic at the wheel – Woman driving while looking at her smartphoneUsing smartphone while driving © Martinan – www.fotolia.deSensor screens or Touchscreens are found in everyday life on more and more devices. Scientists at the University of Duisburg intend to equip December 2018 Calendar Free a car steering wheel with a touchscreen. This would give the driver the opportunity to control certain functions with just a finger tip. The gestures should be as intuitive as possible. The navigation system, for example, starts the driver by writing the letter “N” on the screen.

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Inside the disc there should be a liquid in which small metal plates float, which rise at the push of a button by an electrical voltage. Seen in this way, they do not assume any other function Free Printable December 2018 Calendar than a kind of blinds. The serial production would leave the surcharge even at only a few hundred euros. In addition, this technology also leads to a reduction in the air conditioning and thus to lower fuel consumption.

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Fits the topicNew car windows: easier for driversNew coating on car windows to replace ice scraper11.10.2010BRAUNSCHWEIG .FIRST FULLY AUTOMATIC CAR IN ROAD TESTEDView from the windshield of a car, hand on the handlebar , three cars aheadHand of man driving on a highway. © Kurhan – In Braunschweig they tested the first fully automatic car on Friday, directly in the traffic. The VW Passat was rebuilt by a research team of the Technical University in Braun.

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Schweig and the Research Center for Automotive Engineering in Lower Saxony, so that it can move independently on the road without the help of a driver. One wanted to test whether the car is also able to to drive on the same lane at a higher speed (up to a maximum of 60 km / h), to observe intersections and obstacles and also to adapt to the traffic. For the car was tested on the busy city ring in Braunschweig.

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But for safety, there was also a driver behind the wheel, who could intervene in an emergency.11 / 02 / 2011AUTOFENSTER SHOULD BE ON AND OFF BY FINGERSTICKLittle white-brown dog looks out of car window © holdeneye – it does According to the will of scientists at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), in the future drivers will be able to control some functions in their car by pointing their finger, for example opening and closing the windows, or even pressing the windscreen wipers, so that one can not .

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The newly developed system “Geremin” is based on a concept of the Soviet physicist Lev Sergeyevich Termen, who had developed a musical instrument called “Theremin”, where only by hand movements the pitch and volume can be regulated .Smiling Mechanic working under car smiling © Monkey Business –  At the Free University of Berlin there is the project AutoNOMOS. Among other things, computer scientists try to develop a car that can be controlled with pure mental power.

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But the new system for motorists is still in the development phase, because it is only allowed to react to certain finger gestures.21.02.2011FREE CAR THROUGH THOUGHT POWER TAX PROJECT AUTONOMOS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BERLIN DEVELOPED CAR THROUGHOUT THOUGHT POWER WE amutiful mechanic in blue man at lift under car.

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Now one has to book a Free Printable December 2018 Calendar success. In a test drive on the Berlin airport Tempelhof it was successful, a With EEG sensors, it is only by the power of thought that a car can be controlled. However, there were slight delays between thought and reaction of the car, reports study leader Rául Rjas.How does the car drive by thought force?