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These titles mark the tip of an iceberg, which is huge under the surface. Hundreds of well-known publishers publish thousands of new releases that compete for those list places, which February 2019 Calendar Pretty  even with excellent press, solid marketing and really good books, most do not succeed: The number of titles that are at best respecting success, is many times greater than the bestseller .

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The idea that one could still reach the Olympus of the chosen ones without widespread advertising and circumventing all those qualitative barriers that the publishers have set, borders on the absurd. The Volkssport self-publication does not “democratize” the book market – it only shortens the path that potentially potent manuscripts take past the formal rejection orgy to the rubbish dump. In addition, authors should primarily focus on producing good lyrics – not just selling them in the virtual belly shop. The mastery of both aspects is – right!

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Another exception.MisunderstandingThe self-publishing phenomenon is based on the same misunderstanding that has left hundreds of thousands of untalented young people victims of the humiliation shows in the style of »DSDS«: namely, that want and ability are the same. That one succeeds faster by simply taking the supposedly shorter way, past all the others. You can definitely get something faster, but success is only in very rare cases, and then mostly only temporary.

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If it were indeed so simple to become a well-known, professional artist, there would be millions in Germany. Getting a notable slice of this large but incredibly often divided cake is in reality much more difficult, more complex and full of preconditions. And you can only do that with a lot of patience and intensive work on yourself. Otherwise you will remain an amateur actor forever, a lottery player.

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The exceptions only confirm this rule. Everything else is self-deception.Euphoria and realityThe reality Of course, I can understand the enthusiasm, because the arguments that I have presented in the section “no matter”, may apply the other way round: If the common reader is not interested in how the book market works he may also make no distinction between professional and self-published books as long as his expectations are met.

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In other words, if he can buy really good texts per click (which does not mean “literary value” or something like that, but simply a flawless, reasonably flawless product in accordance with expectations), it may also have no bearing on the processes behind him the publication stood. In addition to the urgent question of whether this is so, he receives so useful products, which unfortunately has to be answered in most cases with a clear no.

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Especially the more significant is why he should do that. Publishers invest a lot of money and time to get their titles into the conversation, be it by cleaning the booksellers or bustling marketing war chest, while the self-publishers have to look at the tightest February 2019 Calendar Pretty budgets and hope that the self-marketing via social networks u. Ä. Fruitful (of which the communities are now mostly disgusted). Self-publishing books are usually limited to digital formats and / or retrieval books of certain providers, ie not nationwide and not available in book retail, often not once on order.

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Anyone who has ever been in amateur theater will only be able to confirm that. The alleged revolution of the book market, which allegedly makes selfpublishing possible, combined with February 2019 Calendar Uae the undermining of the power position of the publishers, is ultimately no, but only a possibility, of all the scrap publicly available scrap to do that nobody cares. The self-publishers can celebrate – and the exceptional successes of individuals – even so much;

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the common reader continues to pass his ass, and not because he is hanging on the tape of the large publishers, but because he does not want a lay spectacle, because he does not appreciate, which trouble the self-public unquestionably. He expects a harmonious, professionally made product. He’s a consumer – not the patron who likes to read a bit of shit, because it strengthens the ambitions of those who mistakenly consider writers. Chance and patience .

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As suggested, the new techniques may have their advantages. Poetry or ambitious anthologies usually sell poorly even if they have been published by reputable publishers, and for this very small group of buyers hardly pays even to throw the extensive machinery that makes up a publishing house. Nevertheless, many may have written some really good poems or stories, and if then a halfway known name on the self-published booklet, it may even find its audience, at least lovers.

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Lecturers and agencies regularly advise against using an author to change genres, and self-publishing may be an opportunity to prove their opposite – or to fail furiously. Maybe stored some quite a good, older novel on hard drives or in drawers, which was rejected at the time, but at least thrilled the fans: self-publication as merchandising. To keep such books still available that have reached their potential and only have a few hundred withdrawals per year, which is why the contracts are not renewed.

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The word “out of print” loses its threatening effect: From the backlist, the title simply wanders into self-publishing, as an electronic and / or retrieval book. The  After all, arketing is long overdue. The hope that this path can be a springboard is usually nothing more than a lottery game. One that frequently uses numbers that can not win.

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Those who are serious about becoming a writer are therefore strongly advised against. The blindfolded view, which self-publishers have provided, distorts the picture in a pleasant, but extremely unrealistic way: the alleged successes of the (in every form unique) viral marketing, the e-book sales that sound great, but the bottom line are ridiculous, the many hundred friend reviews, all this self-fertilizing nonsense: The Klüngel stews in their own juice.

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There is no interest out there. The path through book production – with all its pitfalls, waiting times and rejections – is still the only sensible way to reach the right book market, if you have the corresponding potential. In addition, a calculation example: Theoretically, in a year a total of 1,400 fiction titles on the hardcover and February 2019 Calendar Uae paperback bestseller lists land, namely 200 per week, but in fact it is far less, since many books – see above – last for weeks; who is in it remains in it for the time being.

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Sales promotion programs such as the “free days «Do not change that much; In addition, such campaigns have at best a straw fire effect. That mainly garbage was loaded on Kindle & Co.,February 2019 Calendar Holidays  but even those who have done that only out of collector’s rage noticed. Note: Downloading and reading is not the same. Writers, however, write for readers.

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Not for buyers or Downloader.Jüngere historyMitte of the nineties was the polling book, anglicistic titled “Book on Demand” or “Print on Demand”, which mainly (but not only – yes, true) authors who failed in the search for publishing, in the Were able to largely take over production and marketing processes themselves. At the time, people did not call themselves “self-publishers” (an already meaningless phrase, like many of these professional-sounding Anglicisms), but cheered, they thought, now on the evil, mainstream.

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Sneaky and anyway only foreign licenses buying large publishers to be able to start the writing career. The call book still exists, has become much cheaper, but in the book market it does not play even the faintest role fifteen years later – and exactly the same will be the self-published electronic book. Those who have managed to bring appreciable books to interested readers in this way can be counted on two hands, and they almost all switched to the evil, evil publishers when the opportunity presented itself.

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The same applies to all other types of vanity publication, whether it is subsidy publishers or the current »self-publishing« about KDP or »CreateSpace« (the »book on demand«). The error has shifted, but has remained the same: people buy texts only because they exist. Wrong! A Revolution That Isn’t WhatWhat is it? With which the quotes question can finally be answered: What is that actually, a book? I hear the phrase “I am writing (a) book” again and again with great pleasure.

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It is similar to the message “I am making a child” of someone who is currently having sex. In fact, one does not write books, but stories, novels. Manuscripts are written. A book is a product that comes at the end of a production process, of which the text work, so the writing itself is only one part. A text does not become a book, just because it’s called that. Corinthian Chewing?

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With no literary competitions, no matter how small they are, and anthology calls, they come from even the smallest publishers, regularly generate an amazing number of submissions, often in the four-digit range. Anyone who had the happiness in question to have sat in an appropriate selection or decision-making body will share the shocking insight that well over ninety percent of respondents would have better avoided sending in the paper.

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Nevertheless, each of them assumed to have submitted a good, even worthy text. This has to do with the above-mentioned operational blindness, but also with the fundamental misjudgment, any text that is halfway to the spelling oriented and understandable at February 2019 Calendar Holidays least with goodwill, would also be worthy of publication, even a professional, entertaining, in any way more interesting Text. If you let all the actors who spend their weekends with lay acting, to a large audience, about the television consumption – finally, it would have something good – drop significantly.

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The assumption is that part of the solid sales figures were also generated by interested authors seeking an answer to the question of how this success could be achieved. But that is secondary. The main thing is to highlight two aspects: These are very few success stories, February 2019 Calendar Malayalam and in comparison, their number also decreases, as Amazon itself recently announced. And secondly: Hard to imagine what success these titles could have had a real publisher turned on its production and marketing machine.

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Especially the part of the machine that ensures the quality. Proofreading. Proofreading. Domestic equipments. Programming. Marketing. Apart from that: Amazon holds almost 70 percent of the German e-book market – but its sales are still far behind those printed books! Amazon and the book market are not the same, but many seem to think exactly that. The fatal error preceding the self-publication is to assume that readers would buy – any – texts in book form just because they exist.

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But no consumer behaves this way. Products that we purchase and consume must be good and / or cheap – or serve as a status symbol. Or they have been successfully swabbed at us. Point. If you explained in detail to the man in the Kiosk Serpent what you’re planning to do as a “self-publisher,” he would probably smile again to say, “Better play the lottery.” And he’d be right.Garbage dumpGarbage dumpIt’s quite original, what’s that comes in the context of self-publication on the market.

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On the one hand, there are the established authors who try out what it’s like to work without a publisher, or throw the drawer texts on the market, using the principle of “selling names” – more or less successfully. This option is unquestionably attractive, but also associated with dangers. If the Regulative »Lectorate« is switched off, many a book of this kind arrives at the reader, which is likely to damage the writer’s reputation.

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Because we are almost blind to everything and keep our babies for the most beautiful in the world. All authors produce committee, also for years successful authors. Many a writer does not succeed in the genre change, which he tried out by self-publication – and from which a benevolent editor or literary agent would have advised against it. Then the “erotic”. One could get the impression that these techniques were only developed for the manufacturers of simple knit sex stories.

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Epigones, regional thrillers, fanfiction. Life confessions. And, yes, probably a lot of plagiarism at different levels. The locks are wide open, without any control, and those who, like me, have been writing texts for years in author’s forums, know what stories these are about to be washed up on the supposed market. Every author believes himself to have landed the big litter. In reality, perhaps for one out of every two hundred, this is estimated to be extremely positive.

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The self-publisher market is nothing more than a garbage dump; A quick glance at the excerpts is enough to confirm that. A big, stinking, which is still growing incessantly. And all the garbage suffocates the few pearls that would be found somewhere between February 2019 Calendar Malayalam  the filth and filth. Of the “normal” readers, however, both are barely noticed anyway. It does not use much, theoretically, to get 70 percent of the selling price, but nobody is prepared to pay, even if it is in the cent range.

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The common reader does not know that there is the self-publishing program “KDP” on Amazon, he does not even know that there are payment publishers (but not all authors know that), or that “Book on Demand” is not a publisher. He has the same ignorance of “our” industry December 2018 February 2019 Calendar Nz that we also have across other art industries, such as automobile production. This means that he does not buy books according to criteria that have anything to do with it.

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He does not attack because an exciting new technical development would be behind the production of this title. Or because this book was published by the author himself. He acquires books that are offered omnipresent. Simply put, he is not like us. Understanding this is a much more important aspect of our author’s existence than the intimate knowledge of all the pseudonyms under which some fanciful Amazon reviewers are traveling. I, the ExceptionAluminating Exception.

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Why we return briefly to our lottery player.The new methods used for self-publishing » “I have a contract offer from a publisher, but am not sure if I should sign, because I have to accept 500 deposit copies.” A (ten seconds later): “Hast Ever thought about self-publishing? “It is no less than brilliant to declare today, with very little work, a novel manuscript in a” book “(why I put this term here in quotation marks) on the market (at least part of it) I can later), even for free and with a margin.

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Of which many a successful Schri He only dreamed of only 10 percent of the net load price of his books, which puts him in the top group. The captivating simplicity of this possibility, coupled with – theoretically – high return opportunities and the favorite argument of all self-publishers to have “full control” of the process, has dramatically increased the number of texts published this way over the past two years.

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While grudgingly acknowledging that the titles were limited to the medium of “electronic book” and were often available only through a single provider, but it has never been faster and cheaper possible, the dream of seeing your own name on a Romancover, too to realize. In principle, with KDP & Co., there are almost no latencies between tapping the word “end” and publishing the manuscript. Why should one in this situation.

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The months of waiting for publishing form rejections or the sometimes years to wait until the novel publication in successful publishing acquisition still exist? There is a simple answer to this question: Because one sells so no books. At least not in the amount that would be possible. If anything. Yes, but. Nika Lubitsch sold more than 100,000 copies of her self-published thriller »The 7th Day« only via Amazon (but immediately agreed when the »mvg Verlag« offered a contract.

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Which, incidentally, also Martina Gercke’s Kinsella plagiarism “Holundererküsschen” from the self-publisher market), and from a few other KDP participants you can hear similar December 2018 February 2019 Calendar Nz numbers (everywhere, and they’re always the same names). Right. In some cases, the principle “who is on the list remains on the list” works, but the paperback version of Lubitsch’s crime novel does not sell as well as the electric version.

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It is true that shelf goods are less frequently purchased than staples – and this also applies to online trading. For example, whoever is in a highscore list at Amazon has a good chance of December February Calendar 2019 remaining there for the time being because the system fertilizes itself because the lists are orientation aids for spontaneous buyers. Conversely, theoretical place 101, which is not on the list, sells significantly worse than place 100, which is being presented.

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This is a simple truth, which even in the Internet-free time already existed. The bigger the offer becomes, the more welcome are the simple ways to select something from a small subset. In other words, the few books that sell well are selling very well compared to the others. From a publisher’s and author’s point of view, there is hardly anything worse than just missing the leaderboards.

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For Amazon customers, there is the (non-Amazon) tool NovelRank, which allows you to retrieve approximate sales of any book, and it’s very informative to do so especially for those titles that are missing the leaderboards.Perspective issuesPlace pitch writers tend – like the members of all other professions too – to stew in their own juice. (New) authors join together in groups, organize themselves in forums, exchange information and observe new developments together.

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They buy the Büc of the “friendly” authors, read relatively much at all, and know the techniques and strategies quite well. Even before it was noticed by the masses, they discovered Amazon’s “wish list” system and the presumptuous effect of the “helpful” clicks on reviews. They are very interested to know who has been successful (why) and immediately draw their conclusions in order to try to adapt them for themselves. They browse the social networks, twitter and blog, and at some point they think that this – their – world is the real one.

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So that all “out there” would also have their level of knowledge and expectation and take the same (by the way, quite narrow-minded) perspective that they themselves have on the book market. That is not the case. Most readers are aware of the happenings and new developments on the market Book market does not matter. They buy a book, consume it, put it on the shelf, and two months later they buy the next one. They do not know that there are self-proclaimed “indie authors” out there, or grant publishers.

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Book on demand, KDP, stolen e-books, and the vultures even know what else. For them, books are everyday entertainment products to which they pay little more attention than any TV series or a theater visit that is long forgotten at the next. They do not take the book market as important as we do. On the contrary: He has almost no meaning for her.

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This generally applies to human consumption behavior. We buy, consume and compost. Before and after, there is usually not much. Maybe you write a nice letter to the editor, but also that happens (converted to the book consumption – we remember: 350 December February Calendar 2019  million books per year) rarely.The Onliner help here with genre-related sublists, which are of little importance, especially for casual buyers.

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The likelihood of winning the jackpot at the lottery is, at one in one hundred and forty million, about as high as that, mi One of the most obscure ways to win the “Darwin Award,” and it is dramatically February 2019 Calendar Philippines more likely to die in a plane crash or a blitz. But people are like that: they’re hardly afraid of events that are relatively likely (flying is considered one of the safest modes of transport.

February 2019 Calendar Philippines

But death in a plane crash is far more likely than a lotto jackpot, not to mention passing by on the road), but absurdly hope to land the main hit in a game with much, much less chance. The things that would be good for us may still be so unlikely – we firmly believe in them, whether they are divine myths or lottery winnings. What helps us in this way of thinking are the success stories of the few who have eliminated the likelihood. With the positive expectations, we like to cap us on exceptions.

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The many millions of people, the fate of which is not so well-disposed, we diligently ignore (with the media actively support us). When things are terrible, we think the other way around: What happened to him and that just will not happen to me. Book salesPaper storage In Germany, about 350 million books are purchased each year, so each German acquires four and a half pieces on average – specialist books, non-fiction books, children’s books , Novels, guides, legal texts, illustrated books, gift books, biographies, travelogues, calendars and address collections.

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A good 30 percent of sales fall on fiction, which would be just under 120 million books (so one and a half per nose – bibliophiles who read more than twenty novels a year are exceptions!). The German book market sees approximately one hundred thousand new publications annually. Since the 350,000,000 titles sold long ago not only from these feed (which theoretically per book 3,500 copies sold), but for the most part from the ever-growing backlists .

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(publishers hold titles usually about ten years before), lies the theoretical Sales of each fiction novel probably in the very low four-digit, but more in the three-digit range. This bill is destroying bestsellers that walk hundreds of thousands, even a million, over the counter as they downsize the remaining cake for the non-bestsellers. Only 100 books, sold 100,000 times each, reduce the available quantity by almost 10 percent. In other words: the reachable buyers market.

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The acquires almost 1,000 copies of each literary new publication, very generously calculated. This buyers market is served by the book trade, from stationary as well as online trading, which currently covers about a fifth; Amazon alone holds about 17 percent. On- and offline bookstores sell most books to casual readers (two to four books a year), which actually determine the market.

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and these predominantly to bestsellers and “top titles”, ie those novels, advertised in the portal or on Storing stockpiled, even presented as “book of the month” (for which the publishers pay a lot of money). In contrast February 2019 Calendar Philippines to the Internet trade, the presence book trade can offer only a limited selection, so only a few thousand books for the Stöberer – a fraction of the total available.

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ONLY EXPENSIVE OLDTIMER EIGNEN AS AN OLDTIMER INDEX MONEY PLANT THERE IS NO MATTER OF EXPECTED VALUE ADDED TO VEHICLES Steering wheel and fitting of a vintage sports carCockpit of an old sports car © krizz7 – www.fotolia.deDue to low interest February 2019 Calendar Events rates, many are looking for a secure investment. Increases in value are just the promise of car fans of classic cars. But experts, such as the ADAC Automobile Club, are warning about the ongoing cost of old vehicles.

February 2019 Calendar Events

Spending and Added Value Spending may outperform the modest growth in value, if any. Not every brand and not every model promises an automatic increase in value. An overview provides the classic car index of the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). With these fixed costs you have to expect Who wants to gain a classic car as an investment, can expect returns of eight to nine percent. This is certainly not true.

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Expenditures must include fixed costs for a garage space, insurance and maintenance. Even if the car is only in the garage, it causes costs such as oil changes and the replacement of porous rubbers. The VDA is of the opinion that only vehicles that cost at least 50,000 euros can be speculated. In cheaper cars, costs and performance usually make for a zero-sum game. But the higher the value of a vehicle, the less money would have to be spent proportionally on the fixed costs, says the VDA.

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Fitting on the topic of old-timers can be more profitable than equities as an asset. Well-off people invest their wealth more and more frequently in classic cars. Oldtimers only sometimes have a good investment. Secure investment: six billion Turnover with vintage carsMoney plant in a different way, toy car costs 2.3 million eurosLaufkraftwagenIn addition, automobiles are also used to handle work. This statement is especially true in the case of commercial vehicles and trolley trucks.

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But what are the characteristics of the commercial vehicle and the overhead load truck? n, what performance do they bring and how much do they cost? Uses The utility of commercial vehicles varies depending on the type of commercial vehicle. For example, regular trucks are used mainly in the mining sector, where they act as dump trucks. Target groups Commercial vehicles and trolley trucks, therefore, are mainly used by the state or private companies used.

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By private individuals, however, these are usually not acquired, as these are too expensive and the uses are too specific. Optics The appearance of commercial vehicles differs depending on the model. In most cases, these are strikingly large and have a square design as well as special mechanisms and door systems. Overhead lorries, in turn, are visually similar to a bus with no doors or windows.

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Performance dataThe performance of commercial vehicles can not be generalized at this point. Due to the high weight and the work tasks that are handled with these models, most commercial February 2019 Calendar Events vehicles have a minimum value of 250 kW. The same applies to the consumption, for which with 30 liters per 100 km just as a guide can be given. Equipment and price The equipment of NFZ is entirely focused on the functionality of the car.

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Passend the topic Older than investment can be more lucrative than sharesAuto enthusiast from Andorra sells its collection with almost 286 vintage carsExhibition of the most valuable February Spanish Calendar 2019 vintage cars in the world from the French National Museum in KasselImmer more vintage cars on German roads on the way04.04.2011 OLDTIMER ONLY SOMETIMES A GOOD PAYMENT CERTAIN OLDTIMER MODELS PROMISE A GOOD YIELD.

February Spanish Calendar 2019

White vintage Cariolet with red suitcase and a license plate with the inscription “RENTE” Time in the pension © Jürgen Fälchle – www.fotolia.de Oldtimer are only conditionally a good investment. Some models experience a sensational increase in value, while others are a lossy investment. This is stated by Johannes Hübner, speaker of the vintage car fair “Techno Classica” in Essen. On average, the old vehicles rose in value last year by about three percent.

February Spanish Calendar 2019 Word February Spanish Calendar 2019 With Holiday

So Hübner.Valuable and worthless car modelsWho has a “duck” in his garage, has put his money well. The Citroën 2CV has gained about 80 percent over the past two years. An even better return promises the so-called Samba bus of VW from 1951. In the past four years alone, its value increased by a whopping 100 percent. Pech, however, who own a Jaguar XJ6 or XJ40 from the 70s and 80s own says Hübner. These models would have lost a lot of value.

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Owners of a BMW Z1 or a Fiat 124 Spider would have been better advised to buy a jewel such as the BMW 507 from the years 1956 to 1959 or a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster. The latter models are very popular and can be resold at a profit.Nostalgic feelingsDoch money is not all known. At least the graceful shapes, the rousing engine sound or the soulful memories of old times remain old-timer owners.

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even if their vehicle turns out to be no good investment. Matching the topicSecure investment: six billion in sales of vintage cars19.01.2012The HIT LIST OF THE LAST SOLD OLDTIMER-MOBILEJunger, sporty guy with sunglasses from above with red model car presenting a car © Franz Pfluegl – www.fotolia.deFor a German vintage car you only have to pay 15,000 euros on average, but the special high-ligths are in the last year’s auctions significantly higher. So here’s the so-called hit list of vintage cars sold in 2011: On the 5th place was a Mercedes Benz Type S 26/180 of 1927, which scored $ 5 million.

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Before that was $ 5.2 million (about 4.06 million euros) of the Ferrari 250 SBW Competizione from 1960. In third place was the first German car to make the leap onto the podium, the Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster from 193, the US $ 9.6 million. Brought in dollars. Only 25 copies were made of this model.

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Finally, the Duesenberg Model J Roadster from 1931, which comes from the pre-war era and is the most expensive American-made car, finished second, with a total of $ 10.3 million February Spanish Calendar 2019 the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa of 1957, an open-top racing car, with 16.9 million dollars, which is equivalent to about 13.2 million euros, the first place in the hit list of 2011 could win.16.04.2015

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By contrast, supercars are already highly reminiscent of racing cars and are extremely flat and . therefore aerodynamically constructed. In addition, the latter usually have only two doors, some of which February 2019 Tamil Calendar Muhurtham also fold up. Performance dataThe performance of sport sedans and supercars begins at about 250 kW and amounts to up to 1000 kW, which in turn allows maximum acceleration values ​​and end speeds.

February 2019 Tamil Calendar Muhurtham

Thus, maximum speeds of more than 400 km / h can be achieved, which, however.  can not be achieved in the case of approved models in road traffic. The engines used include 16-cylinder engines. The fuel consumption of such models, in turn. strongly depends on the driving style and must not be significantly different from that of the mid- and upper-class sedans with restrained driving behavior. EquipmentThe equipment is striking that this is based on the latest technologies.

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In terms of ride comfort, however, only drivers of sports sedans benefit from current technological developments. In the case of supercars, in fact, renounces any form of luxury, since a general weight reduction is sought. PricePreislich vehicles from this segment start at about 25,000 euros. Upwards, the purchase price but then no limits are set, as some supercars can cost three million euros.

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In addition, it should be considered when financing such a model that the maintenance costs are unusually. high and in some cases even a service check tens of thousands Examples include well-known representatives of the sports saloons Aston Martin .Rapideder Audi RS6 the Maserati Quattroportthe Bitter SC Sedander BMW M5 and the Mercedes E 63 AMG.The most popular supercars again include the models Aston Martin One-77 the Corvette ZR1 Ferrari 599 GTOder Lotec Siriusder .

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23rd of January 2011 CARTAL STORY FROM 125 YEARS AUTOMOTIVE HISTORY AT THE. TECHNO-CLASSICA IN ESSENOLDTIMER EXHIBITION IN EATING OFFERS UNIQUE AND FORGOTTEN MODEL ELECTRIC AND FORGIVEN MODEL.  ELECTRIC WHEEL AND FITTING OF AN OLD CAR WAGNERCockpit of an old Sp ortwagens © krizz7 – www.fotolia.de Next week, the 23rd Techno-.Classica will take place in Essen, where more than 2,500 vintage and classic cars await visitors.

February 2019 Tamil Calendar Muhurtham Free PDF February 2019 Tamil Calendar Muhurtham Excel

Thus, some manufacturers from their many years of history will show the cars, such as “150 years of Opel. – from the sewing machine and rocket vehicles,” but Mercedes celebrates its 125th anniversary and BMW brings the exhibition “75 years BMW 328” .The AufgebotDie Kölner Ford works celebrate their 80th But also Volkswagen, Audi and many other manufacturers from abroad will present their treasures.

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But also long-gone automobiles like the old Borgward, NSU Prinz or the Wartburg will be present. The exhibitors expect about 180,000 visitors. The fair will open its doors on March 30, 2011, but on this day will be open only to the press and trade visitors, and until Sunday, April 3. The opening hours are on Wednesday from 2 pm to 8 pm. February 2019 Tamil Calendar Muhurtham on Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm. on Friday from 9 am to 7 pm and on weekends from 9 am to 6 pm.  Admission for the day ticket is 20 euros for adults, a discount for Families.  young people and students as well as unemployed and handicapped is möglich.